What are the types of dating?

Dating - What does that mean? What does this word mean? Someone recently asked me, they said, what is dating? What does this mean in Western culture when people are dating? What happens. There's sort of this mystery around this word dating. If you're from another culture, you might not know what is means.

Dating is a very sort of Western idea, right? In a lot of other cultures, this concept doesn't really exist, or it might exist. In a different way. Okay, so in this lesson, we're going to look at what dating is.

Okay. So basically. The answer is dating means different things to different people. Okay. If you ask 10 people on the street what is dating, you might get some different answers. Okay, so it really depends, and I think the biggest factor it depends on is a person's upbringing. Upbringing. That means how a person was raised.

Okay. What, what did their parents teach them? What values do they have? What beliefs do they have? Okay. That's what upbringing means. I think that's the biggest factor. Okay. But basically, if I were to define just, if I were to give a simple definition, Oh, time to wake up. Sometimes I set my alarm for things.

So, um, basically this is how I would, how I would define the term dating. Okay. It is a romantic relationship. That means you like the other person romantically. There's some interests, some chemistry, some sparks. We use those words when we talk about when you're in love with someone. Right? Chemistry sparks in love.

Romance. Okay. Uh, also it involves some commitment. Okay, so when you're dating there, there's some form of commitment. It's not like marriage. I mean, marriage is a very serious commitment, but dating has some commitment gate also. It's usually public. That means everybody knows about it. I mean, you could be secretly dating someone, but you know, most of the time in Western society, when people are dating, their family knows about it.

Their friends know about it, okay? So it's public. Now, the other aspect is that when people are dating, they call each other girlfriend and boyfriend. So I would say basically these are some, some simple criteria for the term dating. Now also, the person asked me, do people have sex when they're dating? Well, that is another great question.

And I would say, again, it depends. I'd say the biggest factor it depends on is if people have a religious upbringing or if they are, you know, currently very active religiously. Okay. Because we all know that religion most of the time. Uh, it's sort of four bids, sex before marriage, right? Christianity, Islam, you know, other religions that you know, no sex before marriage.

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